SIM only

What is a SIM only plan?

SIM only plan offers a package of minutes, texts and mobile data for a monthly cost, like a traditional mobile phone contract.

However, you don’t get a new phone included when you get a SIM only plan – you just get a SIM card, which you then insert into your phone to start your plan.

SIM only plans are often cheaper as you’re not paying for a handset. They’re also more flexible.

What is a SIM only contract?

Pay monthly SIM only contract is a monthly contract with a set number of minutes, texts and data.

They normally range from 30 days to 24 months, and often include unlimited minutes and texts.

If you run out of data before your plan renews, you can often top-up your data, or use WiFi instead.

What is a Pay as you go SIM?

A Pay as you go SIM plan is a flexible plan without a contract. Our Pay as you go Plus plans can Auto-Renew every 30 days without the need for top ups - all you need to do is register your card.

All our Pay as you go Plus plans also come with unlimited minutes and texts, so all you need to choose is how much data you want.

What is a data only SIM plan?

Data only SIM plans are used for tablets, mobile WiFi devices and occasionally mobiles.

They’re rarely used for mobile devices as they don’t provide a phone number, but some people just want data on their phone to browse, make calls and send messages using data.

Data plans allow you to browse and stay online when you’re not connected to a WiFi network, or away from your home WiFi.

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