Vodafone Franchise Opportunities

It's time to own it

Still waiting to show off what you can do? You've come to the right place. We're Vodafone. And we want to back you.

We're looking for external entrepreneurs who want to own a small number of stores in the UK on our Partner Agent Programme. Investing in one of our stores means you become an ambassador of a big-name brand with all its support, while still keeping the freedom of being your own boss.

Our franchise systems are set up all over the world. 80% of our global retail estate has seen investment and there are already 114 live Partner stores in the UK (as of April 2019). Is this sustainable? Yes. We're using the skills we've learnt over the last 20 years to give our Partners the best chance to shine.

Frequently asked questions

With 80% of our global retail estate franchise stores, it seemed like the next logical step for Vodafone UK to follow.

It has provided us with the opportunity to work with external entrepreneurs who have brought fresh eyes to the company, allowing us to learn and develop with their help.

We also hope it will provide us with the opportunity to open stores in new places, with Partners who have knowledge of the local area and its community.

There's no catch. We simply want to provide entrepreneurs with their time to shine.

As long as you can demonstrate access to funds that cover the cost of running your business for the first three months then this is all you need financially.

If you don't have enough funds, we are recognised by major banks who are familiar with our franchise model and will be happy to discuss a bespoke arrangement with you.

Each franchise agreement differs depending on the term of the store's lease.

We are negotiable on which areas are available but we hope you have an area in mind already.

Once you've applied, we will discuss available stores with you in more detail. Stores within the M25 are very limited.

You can get up to three stores (subject to availability), but most of our Partners start with one or two and expand once they are up and running.

On average, you could earn between £45k and £100k year, depending on the number of stores you own.

What's more, these numbers are uncapped and it's in your control to earn even more. The more you and your team put in, the more potential profit you could make!

You do. You will be responsible for managing all your staff.

The Vodafone Recruitment Team at HQ in Newbury will provide full support with recruiting new staff members.

Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

However, we do require you to have some knowledge of the retail industry.

Yes, in order to become a Partner/Franchisee, you will need to create a limited company to operate from.

This will happen once you have completed the assessment, but before we start commercial negotiations.

Yes, we expect being a Partner/Franchisee to be your full time job.

As you are responsible for your own success, we anticipate you will want to be at the forefront of everything your company does.

Partners will only be able to stock Vodafone approved products, as sourced by Vodafone.

All stock is owned by Vodafone - you will be paid a commission on the stock you sell.

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