"I used to wait for decisions, now I make them myself."

How does it work?

Let's talk money?

Your store comes fully stocked, fully staffed and ready to go. So what's the catch? There really isn't one. We want to see your store flourish. All we ask in return is that you demonstrate access to funds that cover the cost of running your business. This can typically range from £60k-100k.

We're nationally recognised by the main players in the banking business. They know our model and often offer bespoke Vodafone Partner Agent arrangements. Every month, you'll receive a commissions payment from us for last month's sales. Everything else, including marketing, building maintenance, point of sale, IT support and staff training is covered by us.

Let's talk stores?

How many can I get?
You can get up to three stores, but most of our Partner Agents start with one or two and expand once they are up and running.

What stores are available?
As we are at the early stage of our franchise model, we are negotiable on which stores are available but we hope you already have a store/stores in mind already.

How does it work day to day?

How does Vodafone support you?

Sounds like something you'd be interested in?