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Tablets on Vodafone EVO

Vodafone EVO gives you ultimate flexibility to get the latest tablet at the price you choose.

First, choose your tablet and Tablet Plan - this covers the cost of the device itself - and customise your upfront cost and contract length to suit you.

Then, choose a Data Plan to pair your tablet with - this gives you the flexibility to enjoy a reliable, secure connection to our award-winning network across 99% of the UK.

Why buy a tablet with Vodafone EVO?

Flexible contract lengths

Spread the cost of your tablet interest-free across 3-48 months, so you can choose your monthly price.

Flexible upgrades

The freedom to upgrade as soon as 3 months into your plan.

Flexible connectivity

With our Data Plans, you can free yourself from patchy public WiFi and enjoy reliable 5G connectivity across 99% of the UK.

Two-Year Warranty

Get fantastic care for your new device with cover against any manufacturer faults and repairs for two years.

How Vodafone EVO works

Your total monthly cost is split into two separate contracts, which means two monthly Direct Debits. Your Tablet Plan covers the cost of the tablet itself, and your Data Plan covers the cost of your monthly plan that enables you to connect to our network.

While our Tablet Plans last between 3-48 months, our Data Plans all last 24 months.

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iPad - unlock tomorrow

Surf, stream, shop, and socialise at home or away, on a gloriously big, responsive screen - the new iPad models make life simple and beautiful.

Gorgeous Liquid Retina displays offer incredibly vivid, lifelike colour and clarity - ideal for immersing yourself in the latest must-see show. Powerful chips run graphics-intense games and apps with ease, and advanced cameras make stunning photos and videos effortless.

Choose from iPad Air (5th gen), iPad (10th gen), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen), iPad mini 8.3-inch, and more.

Powerful Samsung tablets

For entertainment, apps, games and much more, the latest Samsung tablets are perfect companions.

Choose the lightweight and stylish Tab range from Samsung to bring the quality and power of Galaxy phones to your tablet experience.

Plus, with a Samsung tablet you can enjoy the convenience of universal chargers and USB connectivity.

Unlimited data tablets

All iPads and tablets are now available with unlimited data - so you can do what you love for as long as you like.

Check our terms before you choose an unlimited data plan.

Why choose Vodafone?

Ultimate flexibility

Flexible tablet contracts, upfront costs and upgrades on Vodafone EVO

Reliable, award-winning network

You can rely on our award-winning network to keep you connected to the things and people that matter.

VeryMe Rewards

Enjoy weekly discounts and giveaways built around what you love

Don't have a Data Plan?

When you buy a tablet from us, you'll also need a 24-month Data Plan, so you can enjoy flexible connectivity across 99% of the UK on our reliable award-winning network.

If you already have a compatible tablet and want to connect it to our network, browse our great range of data-only SIM plans.

Frequently asked questions

If you've bought an iPad or tablet on one of our Vodafone EVO plans, your monthly payment will be split into two parts.​

You'll have one Direct Debit for your Tablet Plan, which covers the cost of the tablet itself, and another Direct Debit for your Data Plan, which covers the cost of your monthly data allowance.

Find out more information on Laptop Plans and credit agreements​

In most cases, the Direct Debit payments for your plans will come out on the same date, but you may see one of the payments coming out a few days earlier or later. Please make sure you don't cancel either of these Direct Debits, as we won't be able to collect payment for both parts of your plan.​

You'll see two references on your bank statement. It will show the following:​


If you want to change the date of your Direct Debit payments, you can call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile.

Download the My Vodafone app and go to the Dashboard.​

Choose Your Plans and you'll see a tab for Data Plan and a tab for Device Plan.​

Choose Data Plan to view your Data Plan details and confirm your connection to our network.

Choose Device Plan to view and manage your Tablet Plan - you can also make additional payments to your Tablet Plan at any time.​

You can also view your monthly payment online in your My Vodafone account​

You can choose to upgrade your tablet as soon as three months into your Tablet Plan.​

Simply open the My Vodafone app, choose Your Plans from the dashboard, and go to the Device Plan tab to upgrade.​

You can also upgrade by calling us on 191 from your Vodafone mobile, or by visiting us in store

How do I pay off my tablet early?​

You can make additional payments to your Tablet Plan at any time by logging into your My Vodafone account online. Alternatively, you can use the My Vodafone app - from the dashboard, choose Your Plans and then the Device Plan tab.​

You can choose to pay off some - or all of - your Tablet Plan early.

Can I make a one-off payment for my Tablet Plan?​

Yes, you can make a one-off payment for your Tablet Plan at any point. This reduces the amount you pay monthly for all following payments - but it won't change the length of the Tablet Plan agreement.​

What happens once my laptop has been paid off?​

Once you've paid off your Tablet Plan, your monthly payment will be lower, as you'll only need to pay for your Data Plan to keep connected. Or you can choose to leave, if you'd prefer.

This depends on what you'd like to use your iPad for.

The iPad mini is great for portability, the iPad Pro is great for creatives and professionals, and the iPad is a great all-rounder.

Explore our tablet recommendations

A cellular iPad is one that has eSIM capabilities built in, which means it can connect to a data network, like ours.

You can buy a data-only SIM plan for your existing iPad, or buy a Pay monthly iPad where you pay for your device and your data plan bundled in one bill.

eSIM technology works with iPad Pro 11‑inch (1st generation or later), iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation or later), iPad Air (3rd generation or later), iPad (7th generation or later) and iPad mini (5th and 6th generation).

All our Tablet Plans come with:

Two-Year Warranty - Get fantastic care for your new device with cover against any manufacturer faults and repairs for two years, giving you complete peace of mind, at no extra cost. This includes all our Apple products - that's one year more than the manufacturer warranty.

As for our Data Plans, this depends whether you choose a standard plan or an Xtra Plan. Our Xtra Plans come with the same generous data allowances as our standard Data Plans, but they also include some additional benefits.

Benefits available with all Xtra Plans:

Inclusive roaming in 51 European destinations - Use your UK allowance of data at no extra cost in 51 European destinations (Zones A and B). Inclusive roaming data has a monthly 25GB fair usage policy

Benefits available with selected Xtra Plans only:

Unlimited Data Booster - boost your plan up to unlimited UK data for 30 days. You can even use your boosted data allowance while roaming in our inclusive roaming destinations - but there's a monthly 25GB fair usage policy

For 24-month plans, you can boost up to six times. Unlimited Data Booster is only available to customers who aren't already on an unlimited data plan.

Visit the My Vodafone app to find out how many Unlimited Data Boosters you have left and to activate your next boost. Or if you have a Vodafone Airtime Plan with us, you can text BOOST to 40506 to activate your next boost.

We'll send you a confirmation text once your Unlimited Data Booster is active. This can take a few minutes to activate.

This benefit doesn't have an expiry date. Use it whenever you like, for as long as you keep your plan.

How do I find out which Xtra benefits I have or change my benefits?

Find out which Xtra benefits are included in your plan in the My Vodafone app. Your benefits don’t have an expiry date, they last as long as your Xtra Plan.

For full terms and conditions, visit vodafone.co.uk/terms

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