Ireland Plus

Use your UK allowance to call and text the Republic of Ireland.

Is Ireland Plus still right for you?

Ireland Plus lets you use your UK allowance of minutes and texts to call and message the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland, for £5 a month.

But following the new EU call prices introduced from 15 July 2019, you'll pay less to call and text EU countries - including the Republic of Ireland.

So, you may want to check that Ireland Plus is still giving you the best value for your money.

Frequently asked questions

We're reducing the standard cost of calls and texts to the EU and EEA - including the Republic of Ireland - to 19p a minute and 6p a text from 15 July 2019.

Following this price change, make sure Ireland Plus is still the best option for you.

It might depend on how often you call and text the Republic of Ireland on a monthly basis.

Note that with Ireland Plus, if you exceed your monthly allowance of minutes or texts, any subsequent calls or texts to the Republic of Ireland will cost 55p a minute for calls and 35p for texts.

Go to My Vodafone to manage your Extras - including Ireland Plus.