Using your phone while travelling or calling overseas

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Looking for an international SIM card?

The great news is you don’t need an international SIM card. You can use your UK allowance of data, minutes and texts while abroad with our selected Xtra Plans. Find more information about roaming with Vodafone and the cost of using your device abroad at

Using your phone to call abroad from the UK?

If you’re planning to make a lot of calls to international numbers from the UK, we have a range of handy Extras for both Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers. These help you save money, and stop worrying about unexpected charges on your bill. For more answers on calling and texting abroad from the UK see our FAQs on calling and texting abroad from the UK

Visiting the UK and need a SIM?

If you’re visiting the UK from another country and you need a SIM to use while you’re here, we have some great value options – including 30-day SIM only plans and SIM only Pay as you go plans

You can even get 30-day data-only SIMs so you can stay online and in touch with friends and family while you’re in the UK. Just use it with your tablet or other mobile device.

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