RPI price adjustments

Retail Price Index (RPI) annual price adjustments

All new Pay monthly contracts taken up after 6 May 2016, including upgrades, now have an annual price adjustment in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

The Retail Price Index (RPI) is a widely recognised measure of the UK’s general level of inflation and is used by many industries as a guide on whether to adjust prices, as well as by how much.

We’ll use the RPI figure set in March (from 2016) and apply the change in April each year, starting in 2017. Business Premier plans will use the figure set in January, and will also apply the change in April each year.

If you’re on an existing contract, purchased before 6 May 2016 or on a Business Premier plan purchased before the 6 June 2016, it'll still be covered by our Fixed Price Promise so you won’t see any RPI adjustment.

The RPI figure published in January 2017 is 2.5%. If you’re on a Business Premier plan that started after 6 June 2016, you’ll first see this change in your April bill.

Frequently asked questions

Does this mean the end of your Fixed Price Promise?

For new and upgrading customers yes, but we’ll continue to honour our Fixed Price Promise to customers who purchased a Pay monthly bundle before 6 May 2016 until the end of their contract.

How much will prices increase each year?

The actual adjustment will be dictated by the RPI figure in March 2017.

However, as an example, if you use figures based on the current RPI of 1.1% we expect accounts to rise by between 13p and 78p a month after April 2017*

For example:

A Pay monthly contract of £47 a month would increase by 52p a month from April 2017.

A SIM only contract of £12 a month would rise to £12.13 a month from April 2017.

* figures correct as of June 2016