What is the best WiFi for a smart home?

Create a connected home with Vodafone Broadband. Whether you’re a home broadband customer or use one of our portable devices, like a GigaCube, you can use your WiFi with a range of devices to transform your home and the way you interact with it.

Read on to discover how you can enhance your WiFi with Vodafone Broadband, creating the best WiFi set up for a smart home.

Do I need a separate network for my smart home?

You don’t need a separate network for your smart home, you can easily connect devices to your broadband connection. If you want to create a separate network, you can create a private one on the Vodafone Broadband app. This is ideal for situations like guests staying over for the weekend, so you don’t have to share data.

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Will my smart home devices slow down my WiFi?

Your WiFi speed, when connected to your smart home devices, depends on your broadband plan speeds, as well as how many devices you have connected. Most WiFi routers should be capable of running many different smart devices because they’re not using the same resources at once. Certain devices, such as cameras or smart doorbells will use more bandwidth than a smart speaker or plug.

Pro II Broadband offers a connection for over 150 devices and you can also reach speeds of up to 910 Mbps* on chosen plans, perfect for creating an ultra-fast smart home. Discover Pro II Broadband

What's the difference between a connected home and a smart home?

These phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some key differences. Connected home technology refers to a simple network within a home. A broadband connection which allows WiFi or Bluetooth devices to connect to it, like a smart TV or smart speaker, is an example of connected home technology. These devices will share data over your home broadband connection, sometimes with other devices.

Smart home technology builds on connected home technology with the ability to control multiple devices from one place – like using your mobile phone to close garage doors or turn off the lights. It adds convenience through a single system that can be automated – for example, you can set your lights to turn on automatically when you arrive home.

Connected systems that can be used with Vodafone Broadband

A connected system or connected home refers to interconnected devices that let you control applications, all powered by your broadband.

There's a range of smart devices that can be used with Vodafone Broadband, such as entertainment systems like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa devices. By connecting these to your broadband, you can do anything from changing a song that’s playing to turning your lights on and off through the use of smart plugs or smart light bulbs.

What is the best way to set up your WiFi for connected home devices?

Vodafone offers both home broadband and mobile WiFi options to ensure everyone can stay connected. For most customers, a traditional home broadband set-up will be best if you’re looking for broadband for your home address.

Powered by WiFi 6E, our Pro II Broadband plan is perfect for a connected home, providing the UK’s fastest WiFi technology throughout the home. Three devices work together to create a smarter home, with the Ultra Hub enabling a connection for over 150 devices. This works alongside a Super WiFi 6E Booster to ensure coverage and reliability throughout your home. If you ever lose connectivity, a 4G Broadband Back-up device will automatically switch you to our award-winning mobile network. Learn more about Pro II devices

*910 Mbps speed is achieved by a wired connection

Frequently asked questions

A smart home is worth investing in if you’d like to be able to control your home devices remotely. A smart home could make life easier – you can switch off a light bulb using your voice or see who’s outside your home from your smart doorbell. Also, there are smart thermostats which can change your home’s temperature to help reduce your electricity bill.

However, these devices can be expensive, and you may need to take time to research and set them up. Also, it is worth considering the compatibility of devices, as there may be restrictions. For example, Ring Video Doorbell works with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices but not Google or Apple tech.

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