Say goodbye to 3G and hello to better connections

We're switching off our 3G network

Every UK mobile network has committed to switching off their 3G network. Here at Vodafone, we’ve already switched off our 3G network in several locations across the UK and our final phase will take place in January 2024.   

Are you a business customer?  Find out  how switching off 3G affects businesses

Say hello to better connections

Our 4G and 5G networks come with loads of great benefits, from faster internet speeds to improved call quality. 

If you’re still using 3G, we don't want you to lose your connection, so we’re here to offer support with handy frequently asked questions and a customer service team ready to help you get ready for 4G.

Theres still time to make the move over to 4G or 5G and well be with you every step of the way.

How can you get ready for the switch-off?

If you’re already using 4G or 5G on your phone, you don’t need to do anything and can continue to enjoy the best possible connection.

If your phone doesn’t support our 4G network, there are some steps you might need to take to stay connected.

First, check if your phone can use 4G Calling

Set up 4G Calling

4G Calling gives you clearer calls by using your phone’s 4G data. We're always expanding our 4G coverage, so you can enjoy a reliable connection in even more places.

Upgrade with Pay monthly

If your phone can't use 4G or WiFi Calling, and you're on a Pay monthly plan, you should think about upgrading your device.

Upgrade with Pay as you go

If you can’t use 4G or WiFi Calling and you’re on a Pay as you go plan, browse our range of compatible devices to find one that’s right for you.

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