Say goodbye to 3G and hello to better connections

We’re switching off 3G in 2023

You may have seen in the news that all UK networks have committed to closing their 3G networks. Here at Vodafone, we’ll be saying goodbye to 3G in 2023, so that we can focus on strengthening our newer 4G and 5G networks.

Business customer? Find out how switching off 3G affects businesses

Say hello to better connections

Our 4G and 5G networks come with loads of great benefits, from faster internet speeds to improved call quality. 

If you currently rely on 3G, we don't want you to lose your connection, so over the next year we'll help you with additional support, handy FAQs and a customer service team ready to any answer questions you may have.

There's plenty of time to make the move over to 4G or 5G and we'll be with you every step of the way.

What can I do now?

We won’t be retiring our 3G network until 2023, but there are some steps you can take now to make saying goodbye easier.

Before you get started, check if your phone is compatible with 4G Calling

Set up 4G Calling

4G Calling lets you enjoy clearer calls by using your phone’s 4G data. We're expanding our 4G coverage every day, so you’ll be able to enjoy a reliable connection in more places.

Upgrade with Pay monthly

If your phone isn't compatible with 4G or WiFi Calling, and you're on a Pay monthly plan, you could consider upgrading your device from our wide range of options.

Upgrade with Pay as you go

If you can't use 4G or WiFi Calling and you're on a Pay as you go plan, check out our range of compatible devices online, then pop into one of our shops to upgrade.

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