Charge to Bill

Charge to Bill for app purchases and subscriptions

Charge to Bill is a simple way to pay subscriptions and in-app charges by adding them to your monthly bill. This means you can pay for some subscriptions and in-app purchases with your Vodafone account.

The Payment Services Regulation 2017 (PSR17) means that there’s a limit to how much we can charge you using these payment services. We must limit ourselves to £40 per transaction.

Due to this legislation, if you reach this limit, you won’t be able to charge anything else to your account that month. This includes the combined total of in-app and subscription services.

Charge to Bill for subscription partners

Charge to Bill is an option on all plans – so even if you’re already getting Amazon Prime as part of your Entertainment plan, there’s nothing to stop you adding Spotify Premium or Netflix as well.

To set up Charge to Bill for a subscription partner:

  • Head to Your Subscriptions
  • Here you will see a list of our partners, and the offers available to you
  • Select the subscription partner you want to add to your bill
  • Confirm and follow the on-screen instructions

If you already have a subscription with a partner displayed (E.g. You already pay for Spotify Premium but wish to charge it to your bill going forward) you will need to cancel your current subscription, and return to Your Subscriptions when your current billing period ends

Charge to Bill for in-app purchases

Occasionally, you’ll be able to charge in-app purchases to your monthly bill.

For Google Play, the Charge to Bill limit is up to £10 a month. To use it, you’ll need to select ‘Charge to Bill’ when it shows under your payment methods. If this fails, you’ve probably hit the £10 a month limit - you won’t be able to use Charge to Bill until your allowance refreshes.

If you use iTunes, you won't be able to use Charge to Bill for app purchases – but you can still charge premium rate numbers and some subscriptions to your bill. Premium rate number charges will be added straight to your bill.

Remember, you don't have to use Charge to Bill – you can simply choose another payment method.


To get a refund you need to contact seller directly using the details on your receipt. Seller contact details should also be in your Charge to Bill purchase description on your Pay monthly bill, Itemised Usage, Others section.

Please note

You might also see a premium rate number charged to your bill. Look up the cost of my premium rate call