Charge to Bill

Want to check out the latest Netflix show, grab a new app, or just listen to Spotify without the ads, without needing your card details?

With Charge to Bill, we’ve teamed up with some of the best entertainment providers to offer you a seamless, no-fuss way to pay.

Just choose what you want to buy and pay through your Vodafone account. The cost of your purchase will be added to your bill if you’re a Pay monthly customer, and taken from your credit if you’re on Pay as you go.

I want to look up a premium rate charge

Making subscription payments and one-off purchases simple

Charge to Bill is an option on all plans – from subscriptions included in your Vodafone plan, like Amazon Prime and Spotify, to one-off purchases like in-app purchases and text-donations to charities. So, even if you’re already getting Amazon Prime as part of your Entertainment plan, you can add Spotify Premium or Netflix to your bill as well.

Set up Charge to Bill for a selection of Vodafone partner subscriptions:

  • Head to Your Subscriptions

  • Here you’ll see a list of our partners, and the offers available to you

  • Select the subscription partner you want to add to your bill

  • Confirm and follow the on-screen instructions

  • You may need to verify your mobile number

If you already have a subscription with one of the services displayed, like Spotify Premium, but want to charge it to your bill going forward, you’ll need to cancel your current subscription first. Then, return to Your Subscriptions when your current billing period ends and follow the steps above to start a new subscription with Charge to Bill.

Buying services directly from merchants

Charge to Bill allows you to buy services from various merchants that do not directly work with us. In these cases, any after-sales support is the responsibility of these services. For more information read our after-sales Frequently Asked Question


The home of unmissable real-life entertainment. Stream what you love with discovery+.

Google Play

Browse and buy a range of apps and games from the Google Play store.


Watch as much as you want, all for one low price.

Spotify Premium

Discover and enjoy millions of songs – all without the ads.

YouTube Premium

Get ad-free videos, background play, offline viewing and access to YouTube Music Premium.

Charge to Bill for app store purchases

You are also able to charge app store purchases to your Vodafone bill.

For Google Play, choose Charge to Bill under your payment methods.

For App Store, choose Charge to Bill under your payment methods.

For both services, you may need to verify your mobile number when using Charge to Bill.

Payment limit

In addition to the normal business spend limits, there is an additional government legislation called the Payment Services Regulation 2017 (PSR17) which means there's a limit to how much you can charge to your mobile bill using these payment services. This limit is £40 per transaction and £240 in a single billing period. This includes the total bill of in-app purchases, texts, subscription services and calls to number ranges starting 09, 118, 087 and five digit short codes starting with 6, 7, or 8.

If you reach this limit, you won’t be able to charge anything else to your account that month. Some subscriptions, like Google Play, have a smaller limit, which you can check via Your Subscriptions

You can control and limit your spending using My Vodafone Spend Manager

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