Data charges and usage

How much does it cost to go over my data limit?

Charges for using extra data depend on what mobile plan you have. Check out what you’ll be charged, and how to stay connected with extra data.

    Tips for using less data

    Check your plan details for your monthly data allowance and how much you’ve used so far

    • Spend Manager – set your general spending to a level you’re happy with

    • Data Roaming Bar – set a limit on your data usage, specifically when roaming. You can change it at any time

    This will even stop apps/services that use data when running in the background.

    Need more data?

    Great value data extras

    Check out our range of data extras. You can also add and remove Extras while logged in to My Vodafone or the My Vodafone app

    Change your plan

    Going over your limit too often? Change to a plan with a bigger data allowance

    Pay as you go Plus

    With a Pay as you go Plus plan, surprise charges are a thing of the past. Once you hit your data limit, we won't let you go over it unless you choose to add an Extra.

    Travelling abroad?

    If you’re planning a trip away, find out how much it’ll cost to use your phone abroad – and how you can save.

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