Pay as you go

What is Pay as you go?

Pay as you go is a way of getting a phone and/or a SIM card without a long-term contract. Credit for data, calls and texts is purchased in advance, and can be topped up as and when it’s needed.

There are two ways of using Pay as you go:

How do Pay as you go SIM cards work?

If you have a Pay as you go SIM card, you’ll need to buy a data pack or Bundle to use your phone. All retailers’ data packs work like Bundles, but they may refer to a Bundle by a different name.

  • You can often buy Bundles in multiples of £10, starting from £10 for 30 days

  • These Bundles often come with unlimited minutes and texts, and several are 5G-ready

If you use up all of your Bundle, you'll still be able to receive and make calls and receive and send text messages - however, you will be unable to use 4G or 5G data to get online and use apps if you’re away from WiFi. You can carry on using your phone normally once you top up or renew your Bundle.

We used to offer credit top-ups for Pay as you go SIMs, but these are gradually being phased out.

What are the benefits of Pay as you go?

  • It’s flexible - you can increase or decrease the amount you want to pay with month-on-month control

  • It's great value - and you can budget effectively for your phone bill, as you know exactly how much you’re spending

  • Pay as you go phones are affordable and often rival flagship models

  • There are no contracts and no credit checks – you can walk away whenever you want

  • We also offer free Pay as you go SIM cards – order them today and choose your Pay as you go bundle later. Our bundles work a bit like a Pay monthly plan, as they renew every month - however, there's no contract and they top up automatically

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