What is a router?

A router is a device which enables you to receive internet connection and WiFi connectivity. At Vodafone, the routers we provide for our Broadband services are wireless routers (also known as WiFi routers). Wireless routers are ideal for use in the home or small offices. 

How does a router work?

A router works by routing data, forwarding and receiving data packets from one network to another. A router manages this data and utilises it in the fastest way possible. By doing this, you’re able to quickly browse the web on your laptop or mobile phone. Acting as a wireless network, the router enables multiple devices to connect. 

Can I set up a router in my home?

When you take out broadband with a provider, an engineer will provide you with a router and help you with the set-up every step of the way.  

At Vodafone we will provide you with an Intelligent WiFi Hub, our latest high-speed router. Whilst it is possible to use your own router, we cannot assist with any speed or reliability issues that occur.  

For businesses, we offer a portable WiFi router called GigaCube. This is a plug-and-play device which your business can take to various locations, with connection for up to 64 devices* (dependant on location conditions).