Doro phones and devices

As the market leader in phones designed for seniors, Doro's mission is to make technology accessible for people of all ages - they're dedicated to helping seniors live better, connected lives.

Doro specialise in designing easy-to-use phones with advanced, in-built safety features to give you confidence, security, and independence.

Doro phone key features

Doro phones include a combination of features¹ to make using them simple, such as:

Assistance button

Alert your loved ones when you need help.

Simple design

A classic handset and intuitive interface make tech accessible.

Changeable font size

Make the text in menus and messages as big as you like.

Widely spaced keys

Enjoy texting and dialling with large, raised buttons.

Get help when you need it

Feel more secure thanks to the built in assistance button on all Doro phones.

When the assistance button is pressed, your phone will call up to five programmed contacts² and send its GPS location.

Loud and clear

All Doro phones are compatible with hearing aids and come with HD Voice for clear calls. Plus, when the assistance button is pressed, speakerphone mode is automatically switched on, giving you a hands-free option in a time of need.

What's more, with Doro phones' adjustable font size, you won't have to squint at your screen again.

Easy-to-use interface

Doro's intuitive interface, EVA, organises the most common phone functions - such as call, view, and send - on your home screen under logical action-themed buttons.

For example, the call button is a picture of a phone.

Some phone models, such as Doro 8100, give you the option to customise the number of icons and their size on your home screen. Use EVA to make phone technology work for you.

Compare the latest Doro phones

Doro 8050

Doro 7030


6.1 inches

5.45 inches

2.8 inches

Rear Camera

13MP + 2MP +2MP



Front Camera




4G connectivity













Frequently asked questions

Doro smartphones use Android, the operating system by Google.

No, different Doro phones require different SIM cards.

Always check which SIM card size your phone needs.

How you turn on your Doro phone will depend on which model you have.

To learn how to turn on your phone, head to our device guide > click on the Doro tile > click the phone you own > click Getting started > under First use, click Turn your phone off and on.

You can use WhatsApp on some Doro phones, such as Doro 7030 and Doro 8100

No, you'll need different chargers for different phones.

When a button is labelled (A) or (B) in your Doro phone manual, you're being shown which buttons to press on a diagram.

A and B are not the names of the buttons, and the labels can vary from manual to manual.

Terms and conditions

¹Note that not all Doro phones include all four features. Always check the phone's individual specifications.

²Depending on the device, your phone will call the five contacts either at the same time or one after the other. Check the specific handset details for how the assistance button is supported.