"I used to focus on the day, now I look to the future."

Why become a Partner Agent?

Welcome, Partner

Get the flexibility you're craving as you pick the hours you want to work.

From doing the school run, to designing your own reward scheme - our programme lets you run the show.

Take on a couple of stores and multi-site manage, meaning you're not confined to one location; working with many different people on a daily basis.

The rewards are yours

You take the profits. This means the more successful you and your team are, the more money you'll earn.

On average, you could earn between £45k and £100k a year, depending on the number of stores you own.

What's more, these numbers are uncapped and it's in your control to earn even more.

Freedom without worry

You're not a franchise owner, you're our partner.

We are a major global organisation and a massive safety net.

We'll reduce all the risks of setting up a business on your own.

A no-brainer

  • We're the UK’s most valuable brand (according to BrandZ).  

  • We've got an award-winning network and great products - making for an easy sell.

  • We'll give you a fully fitted and stocked store with an experienced team, starting from day one.

  • We have strong, established vendor relationships, leveraging demand and buying power.  

  • We’ve put a full support structure in place, giving you peace of mind about everything else.

Why become a Partner Agent

Sounds like something you'd be interested in?