Sure Signal is shutting down

We’re retiring Sure Signal from our network.

This means you'll no longer be able to use Sure Signal or register a new Sure Signal device.

We’ve made major improvements across our network, so you may be able to connect without it now. 

We've also introduced WiFi Calling, which lets you send and receive texts and calls over WiFi with a compatible device.

What can I do now?

Follow the steps below to keep connected.

First, check your phone signal

You might already be connected without Sure Signal.

To check:

  1. Switch off your Sure Signal device at the plug. 

  2. Check your mobile network bar. If you’ve got a signal, you’re connecting without Sure Signal and don’t need to do anything else. 

If you aren’t connected, let’s check out the next option: WiFi Calling.

Still no signal?

If you can’t get a mobile connection without Sure Signal, don’t worry, you may be able to use WiFi Calling & SMS instead. With WiFi Calling, you can make and receive calls or texts (SMS) over WiFi, at no extra cost to your plan. 

You’ll just need a WiFi signal, and a compatible device with the latest software installed

Alternatively, turn your Sure Signal device back on for now and chat to TOBi if you need more help.

Get started with WiFi Calling

Check if your device is compatible and get started with WiFi Calling. If your device isn’t compatible, you could be eligible to upgrade to one that is.

Upgrade with Pay monthly

If your device isn't compatible with WiFi Calling and you’re on a Pay monthly plan, you could consider upgrading your device from our wide range of options.

Upgrade with Pay as you go

If you can't use WiFi Calling, browse our range of Pay as you go phones and check 'Specification' to see if it’s WiFi Calling-compatible. Then, just pop in store to upgrade.

Need more help? Search our FAQs