Cheap SIM only deals

Get 60GB data for just £10 a month*

Get great value with Vodafone Basics. Starting from £7 a month, our Basics plans are simple - your choice of data with unlimited calls and texts on our award-winning network.

They're perfect for everyday use across the UK on our 4G network which connects more than 99% of the population.

*Monthly price increases each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January of that year + 3.9%.

Choosing the right SIM only deal for you

With lower prices and shorter contracts, our SIM only deals mean great flexibility at an affordable price. Choose from 30-day, 12-month or 24-month plans to suit your needs.

With Pay as you go, you'll enjoy freedom from contracts, commitments and credit checks, and with our Pay as you go Plus plans, your allowances can Auto-Renew every 30 days - all you need is a registered payment card.

With Pay monthly, you pay a monthly amount and get the benefits of an ongoing contract, such as cheaper calls, texts, and data deals.

Data-only SIMs are perfect for your tablet or mobile if you want to send messages or make video calls when there’s no Wi-Fi available.

Save money with our SIM only deals

Our great value deals give you the best of Vodafone for an affordable price.

Pay as you go plans give you the freedom to top up just when you need and if you're looking for even more data, try our Pay monthly SIM only plans

With our SIM only deals, there’s something for everyone.

How does Pay as you go SIM only compare to Pay monthly SIM only?

Pay monthly SIM only plans give you minutes, texts and data just like regular Pay monthly handset plans, but with one major difference - you can use the phone you’ve already got. This means they’re often cheaper when compared to a similar Pay monthly plan.

Unlike Pay as you go plans, with Pay monthly plans, you can avoid the hassle of topping up to get more data, minutes and texts - they're more convenient than Pay as you go.

Which SIM card size do I need?

Depending on your device, you'll need to make sure you get the right size SIM card

Newer models tend to use a nano SIM, while many still require a micro SIM. We'll provide you with a multi-SIM so you're covered, no matter the model.

If you choose an eSIM, all you'll need is an eSIM-compatible device - all Pay monthly and Pay as you go Plus customers can now enjoy the flexibility of an eSIM too.

Compare our best SIM only deals

Whatever handset you've got, you can find a great SIM only deal that offers the right blend of minutes, texts and mobile data.

Legal terms

*Monthly price will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year, plus an additional 3.9%.

See for details.

Minimum term agreement, credit check and terms apply - see terms