Getting started with mobile internet

Take the web with you

It’s great to have the freedom to email and browse the web wherever there’s a Vodafone signal. You can check your email while you relax on the beach, update Facebook without leaving your comfy chair or catch up on your favourite TV shows on the bus.

How do you get started?

  1. Find out if there’s a Vodafone mobile phone signal in the places you’re most likely to go online. You can do this with our handy UK coverage checker
  2. Choose the device you want to connect – and what you need to connect it.

  3. Choose how you want to pay. Whether you want to go online a little or a lot on Pay monthly or Pay as you go, we’ve got an option to suit you.

What are your payment options?

  • Pay as you go – there’s no monthly commitment. Just get more internet when you need it
  • Occasional user – pay £3 a month, then £2 for each extra 250MB of UK internet each day you use it
  • 30-day plan – no need to top up, and you can cancel with just 30 days’ notice
  • 18 and 24-month plans – get loads of internet to use on your tablet, or with a dongle if you have a laptop

What’s the best plan for you?

If you don’t use the internet on your mobile device every month – and don’t want a monthly commitment as a result – Pay as you go is right for you.

But if you do use it regularly, and you’ve got a good credit rating, you should choose one of our Pay monthly price plans.

If you take out a Pay monthly plan, you’ll get a UK internet allowance. This is the amount of internet you can use each month, and we measure this in gigabytes (GB). The more you do online, the more GBs you’ll use. So if you think you might do a lot of browsing, downloading and emailing, it’s worth picking a plan with a larger allowance – you can choose from 1GB up to 5GB.

How can you control your costs?

Keeping an eye on your costs on Pay as you go is simple – you just pay for what you use. With a Pay monthly plan, your costs are fixed unless you go over your UK internet allowance. We’ll let you know via Vodafone Mobile Connect (the software you use to get online) if you’re likely to go over your limit - and we’ll explain your options too.

How quickly will you get online?

When you’re in an area with a strong 3G signal, you can expect faster speeds. The number of people connected to our network at the same time also affects these speeds.

Check out our helpful hints and tips on coverage and speed

What about internet outside the UK?

We've partnered with networks across the world – so you can stay connected, wherever you go. Before you leave, take a quick look at our international charges to see what you'll pay while you're there.

On your iPad or tablet

iPad with retina display black and white model

It’s easy to get online on your iPad or tablet - at home or on the move. And we’ve got price plans to suit every need and budget.

Create a hotspot

R212 4G Ready Mobile Wi-Fi device

Connect lots of Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet at the same time. With our Mobile Wi-Fi device, it’s like taking your own hotspot with you.