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For the first 6 months, when you buy SIM only on selected 24 month plans. Speed options – 2mbps, 10mbps, fastest available speed.

SIM Only

Need unlimited data, or just the essentials?
We've got the SIM for you - now 5G ready, at no extra cost.

Pay monthly SIMs

  • Unlimited data available

  • Roam at no extra cost in up to 77 destinations

  • Entertainment options

Phone SIM Data SIM

Pay as you go SIMs

  • Total rollover of data, calls and texts

  • Credit check not required

  • No contract needed

Phone SIM Data SIM

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Our best ever network

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Our Unlimited Max plans benefit from our 5G network giving you the freedom to be spontaneous, and live life in real time. What is 5G?


Roam at no extra cost in more destinations than any other network.


Unlimited Data Plans

Enjoy more of what you love with unlimited data.

Choose from 3 affordable plans, all 5G ready at no extra cost.

Unlimited broadband and mobile data in one plan

Need home broadband and a new phone SIM?

With Vodafone Together you can sort both in one go, and save up to £3 a month.

Rather just top up online?

Whether you want to just add credit to your phone or buy one of our Pay as you go bundles, it’s never been easier.

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