Android phones

What's the latest Android version?

Android 13 is the most recent version of the operating system.

This update was released in August 2022 and included improved personalisation features, tighter security, and easier synchronisation across other Google devices.

New Android phones

Browse the latest, top-of-the range Android phones here.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has one of the largest phone displays with an astounding 7.6-inch screen, and the Google Pixel 7 Pro boasts an all-day battery life and multi-lens camera system.

Best Android phones

Everyone looks for different things in a smartphone, so we've put together a handy guide on the best Android phones so you can choose the phone that's perfect for you.

Love Android phones?

If you love Android phones, be sure to check out other devices from Google and Samsung.

It's easy to connect different devices - like a phone, earphones, or watches - from different manufacturers with Android.

Transfer your data or apps to a new Android phone

Transferring data or apps from your current phone to your new phone is usually a straightforward process. When your new phone is activated for the first time, it’s likely you'll have the option to transfer your data and apps then.

Each phone has a different process for transferring data and apps, so use our device guide and follow these instructions:

Step 1

Choose a manufacturer

Step 2

Select your new device

Step 3

Choose Getting started

Step 4

Under First use, choose the instruction you need

What are the newest Android features?

Android 13 brings many exciting updates, including:


Change apps to match your wallpaper, assign different languages to individual apps, and customise Bedtime mode. The updated media player tailors its look and feel to what you're listening to.


Your clipboard history will automatically clear, and you can select which photos and videos apps can access. Plus, new apps need permission to send notifications.


Messaging apps are now compatible with Chromebook, so you can send and receive messages from your laptop. You can copy content on your phone and paste it on your tablet.

Why Vodafone for your Android phone

UK's only Lifetime Service Promise

Every phone comes with Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty at no extra cost.

Reliable, award-winning network

You can rely on our award-winning network to keep you connected to the things and people that matter.

Flexible contract lengths

Spread the cost of your tablet interest-free across 3-48 months, so you can choose your monthly price.

5G in more places across Europe

As well as giving you 5G at home, we’re the first network to bring you 5G abroad.

The ecosystem that gives you the choice

With Android, you can connect compatible devices from different manufacturers, share content, and transfer data smoothly and easily.

From headphones to TVs and cars, Android phones connect to a large selection of devices.

All your favourite Google apps

  • Google Lens - use your camera to live translate a menu on your next vacation

  • Google Assistant - from hands-free selfies to type-free term papers, Google Assistant lends a helping hand

  • Google Maps - get directions and handy visuals to help you locate those hard-to-find places, now with Live View

  • Google Photos - save your phone’s memory and store up to 15GB of images and videos online for free

  • Google Translate - text translation is available in 108 languages, plus translate text in images using your camera (available in 94 languages)

Do more with Google Maps

In Live View, your phone's camera and Google Maps work together to detect where you are and to guide you to your desired destination using real-world images.

Frequently asked questions

Android is the name of the operating system used in many smartphones, including those by Google, Samsung, OPPO, and Xiaomi.

To find out how to set up your new phone, visit our device guide

What you want from a phone will depend which features are most useful to you.

Check out our best Android phones page to find a perfect-for-you Android phone.

The introduction of Android 13 saw many exciting updates around personalisation, security, and synchronisation.