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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Experience the new era of mobile AI with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G. Use Circle to Search with Google²,³ to effortlessly search while browsing. No need to type, just use your S Pen or finger to circle an item on your screen, and you’ll see the Google Search results instantly

Samsung Galaxy S24

Be your most productive self with Samsung Galaxy S24 5G’s Galaxy AI features and use Note Assist to excel at work or school. The Auto format function⁶ can restructure your notes for better readability, while the Summarize function⁷ analyses your notes and produces a condensed version. Avoid spelling mistakes and punctuation errors with the Correct spelling function. Plus, you can use the Generate Cover function to create unique thumbnail icons for your notes.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Explore the benefits of AI with Google Pixel 8 Pro, the first smartphone engineered to run Gemini Nano, Google’s most efficient model for carrying out tasks on your phone. The Summarize feature provides a summary of recorded content, while the Smart Reply feature suggests high-quality responses during messaging. With Magic Eraser1, your photos will be perfect in every detail – remove objects with one swipe or use Photo Unblur to reduce blurriness.

Say hello to the new way to search - only on Android phones

Google on Android

With Google AI on Android, you can personalise your phone with unique AI-generated wallpapers, give your messages some flavour with Magic Compose, use Magic Editor to make your photos pop, and so much more.

Find the right Android phone for you

Everyone looks for different things in a smartphone, so we’ve put together a handy guide on the best Android phones so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Love Android phones?

If you love Android phones, be sure to check out other devices from Google and Samsung. It’s easy to connect different devices – like a phone, earphones, or watch – from different manufacturers with Android.

Transfer your data or apps to a new Android phone

Transferring data or apps from your current phone to your new phone is usually a straightforward process. When your new phone is activated for the first time, it’s likely you'll have the option to transfer your data and apps then.

Each phone has a different process for transferring data and apps, so use our device guide and follow these instructions:

Step 1

Choose a manufacturer

Step 2

Select your new device

Step 3

Choose Getting started

Step 4

Under First use, choose the instruction you need

Why choose Vodafone for your Android phone?

UK's only Lifetime Service Promise

Every phone comes with Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty at no extra cost.

Reliable, award-winning network

Keep connected to the things and people that matter.

Flexible contract lengths

Spread the cost of your new phone interest-free across 3-36 months, so you can choose your monthly price.

5G in more places across Europe

As well as giving you 5G at home, we’re the first and only network to bring you 5G abroad.

New features for Android 14

With the latest operating system upgrade, your Android device will be more personal, accessible, and better protected. Enjoy better photo quality, more accessibility features, AI-generated wallpapers, and privacy updates to protect your health, safety, and data.


Give your device more personality with truly customised, AI-powered wallpapers – let your imagination run wild.


Android 14 gives you information about app data permissions in plain language, so you can make informed choices if you decide to share your data with apps.


Transfer media, documents, or even whole folders between your Android device and Windows desktop or laptop with Quick Share.

Circle to Search with Google

Get search results instantly, without changing apps. Circle, highlight, scribble over, or tap the thing you want to know more about, and your phone will bring up information right away.

The ecosystem that gives you the choice

With Android, you can connect compatible devices from different manufacturers, share content, and transfer data smoothly and easily. From headphones to TVs and cars, Android phones connect to a large selection of devices.

Create custom reactions from your photos

Transform any photo from your library into a unique reaction with Photomoji – messages have never been more personal.

All your favourite Google apps

  • Google Lens - use your camera to live translate a menu on your next vacation

  • Google Assistant - from hands-free selfies to type-free term papers, Google Assistant lends a helping hand

  • Google Maps - get directions and handy visuals to help you locate those hard-to-find places, now with Live View

  • Google Photos - save your phone’s memory and store up to 15GB of images and videos online for free

  • Google Translate - text translation is available in 108 languages, plus translate text in images using your camera (available in 94 languages)

Do more with Google Maps

In Live View, your phone's camera and Google Maps work together to detect where you are and to guide you to your desired destination using real-world images.

Frequently asked questions

Android is the name of the operating system used in many smartphones, including Samsung phones, Google Pixel phones, and HONOR phones

Each phone will have a different set-up process. Check out our device guide for instructions on how to set up different phone models.

What you want from a phone will depend on which features are most useful to you. Check out our best Android phones page to compare models.

The Android phone with the best camera is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Its 200MP main lens makes it one of the best camera phones on the market. 

Android 14 is the most recent version of the operating system. This update was released on 4 October 2023 and includes
 improved personalisation features, more accessibility tools, and allows you to have more control over your data and security.

There were many exciting updates with the launch of Android 14, including:

  • Options to customise your device’s software

  • More transparency into how your data is being used

  • Data encryption

  • Centralised data storage

  • More tools to assist low-vision and hard-of-hearing phone users

  • AI tools such as Circle to Search with Google, AI-generated wallpapers, and Photomoji