Helping four million people and businesses cross the digital divide by 2025.

What is the digital divide?

The gap between people with internet access and people without it is called the digital divide. In short, it refers to unequal access to connectivity, digital skills and technologies in society.

For people negatively affected by the digital divide in the UK, it’s difficult to complete everyday tasks, such as accessing online learning or staying in touch with loved ones.

What is our everyone.connected campaign?

We believe connectivity is essential, and everyone should have access to the opportunities it provides. The digital divide between those who have access to digital technology, and the 1.7 million households who do not, is at risk of widening further.

We have helped over 2 million people and businesses cross the digital divide.

How we’re keeping everyone connected

Donating connectivity and tech

Working with partners we will continue to donate mobile connectivity and technology to those who need it most.

Affordable and accessible services

Offering targeted, affordable tariffs and services that make being connected super accessible.

Upskilling businesses and communities

Working with partners to provide free support to digitally transform and upskill businesses and communities.

Together we have helped 2,614,208 people cross the digital divide

Since May 2021.

Latest updates

Discover what we've been doing to close the digital divide in the UK

What we've achieved so far

Disconnected: Episode One with Emma Willis

Watch Emma Willis challenge herself to perform everyday tasks without the help of the internet, apps, or social media - proving why we need to tackle the digital divide.

Faces of Disconnection

Vodafone has partnered with world renowned photographer Rankin to commission a series of images that depict the many faces of digital exclusion in the UK. The series of royalty-free images are available to charities for free