Fairphone smartphones

When it comes to environmentally friendly phone manufacturers, Fairphone are leading the way. From using Fairtrade and recycled materials and e-waste neutral products to ensuring fair working conditions and easy repairs, every aspect of a Fairphone phone’s lifecycle is considered. Choose a Fairphone phone today and reduce your environmental and social impact.

Fairphone smartphones

If you’re after a phone that’s easy to repair, made from ethically sourced materials, and has all the benefits of a modern smartphone (like 5G speeds and a dual-system camera), then Fairphone phones are a smart choice for you.

Fairphone 4

Enjoy 5G speed, an extensive battery life and a premium dual-camera with fast autofocus – all backed by a 5-year warranty.

Fairphone phone key features

Modular design

Thanks to their modular design, Fairphone phones can be taken apart with a screwdriver, so you don’t need expert advice when you replace a part of your phone. Spare parts and accessories can be bought directly from Fairphone, who promise to keep making those parts for years.

Replacing parts of your phone when needed has a more positive impact on the environment and your wallet than buying a new phone.

Five-year warranty and software updates

Fairphone helps you keep your phone for longer by offering a five-year warranty¹. What’s more, they make sure your device runs smoothly for years with software updates guaranteed until at least 2028 for the Fairphone 4 and until 2031 for the Fairphone 5.

Designed for you

Fairphone care deeply about the people who make their phones, the planet, and you – all their products are designed using a customer-first approach. They’ve anticipated all your needs with the Fairphone 4, which is capable of 5G speeds and boasts a great dual-camera system and battery life.

Made fair

Fair and recycled materials

Mobile phones are made from materials found around the world, including precious metals such as gold. They are often extracted in a way that’s harmful to the planet and the workers. So, what do Fairphone do differently? They use sustainably sourced and recycled materials in their products. They even integrate Fairtrade gold in their supply chain.

Made with respect for people

A living wage is a salary that allows a worker to be financially independent, instead of being paid just enough to survive. Fairphone and their suppliers offer a living wage to factory workers and create an environment where everyone can speak up.

E-waste neutral

Precious metals are used in the manufacture of electronic products. When you buy Fairphone 4, they make sure that an old phone is either responsibly recycled or given a second life. So, any new materials Fairphone uses are offset.

Frequently asked questions

Fairphone is a smartphone company based in the Netherlands. It started in 2010 as an awareness campaign against conflict minerals in consumer electronics and has now been in the smartphone industry for 10 years.

Smartphones are phones that have similar functionality to a computer, can access the internet, and are often touchscreen. Fairphone phones are considered to be smartphones.

Fairphone phones use Android 13.

Yes, Fairphone phone users can access Google Play. 

All Fairphone phone models are dual SIM capable.

Fairphone phones support both physical SIMs and eSIMs. Check out our range of SIM only deals and our eSIM guide.

Most Fairphone phones, including Fairphone 4, are compatible with USB-C chargers. In line with their sustainability ethics, Fairphone phones do not come with chargers, as most customers will already have a USB-C cable. So, you’ll need to buy your charging equipment separately.

The Fairphone 4 and Fairphone 5 are capable of 5G speeds.

Fairphone promise to support their older phone models for as long as possible through software updates and by offering replacement parts. For example, the Fairphone 4 was released in 2021 and Fairphone promises software updates until at least 2028.

Terms and conditions

¹You must activate your 5-year warranty after purchase. Read more about Fairphone’s warranty