TCL phones

TCL understands the importance of adding value to people's lives through innovative technology. Their mission is to contribute to a safer world by creating products designed to solve problems and connect families and friends. TCL looks to inspire and empower you by creating mobile phones with bigger screens, sharper cameras, and advanced built-in features.

TCL phones

Explore mobile phones from TCL, a world-leading technology brand.

TCL phones' key features

Designed with simplicity in mind, TCL's mobile phones offer a range of features¹.

Tailored visual comfort

Two eye-care modes for easy-on-the-eye browsing.

Battery life optimisation

Lasting battery power for your everyday activities with smart manager.

Emergency button

Have your loved ones on standby in times of need.

Maximise your viewing

Experience entertainment like never before with TCL's innovative display.

The TCL 403 priorities visual comfort with its 6-inch widescreen display and two eye care modes.

Texting your loved ones has never been easier with the TCL OneTouch 4042S

Its practical design featuring large, separated keys makes dialling and typing messages a breeze.

Capture special moments

Freeze unmissable moments in real time with TCL's latest mobile phone.

Whether you are after a simple camera for a quick photo or one that focuses on those intricate details, TCL has it all.

If you are looking for something advanced, the TCL 403's 2-in-1 hyper camera captures and records great shots thanks to its compact and pocket-friendly design.

Long-lasting battery

TCL's mobile phones enhance your daily life by ensuring all-day power with every device.

There is no need to worry about a low battery with the TCL 403 - thanks to the power saving mode you can extend your battery life² by up to 20%.

Or have up to 360 hours of standby time with the TCL OneTouch 4042S - so you can enjoy your favourite content without battery anxiety.

Frequently asked questions

TCL stands for Telephone Communication Limited.

TCL phones are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house - the entire process is handled by the TCL company.

TCL has a range of smartphones, like the TCL 403

All TCL phones run on different Android operating systems, please refer to individual phone specification.

Some TCL phones have Google Play, like the TCL 403

Most TCL phones require a nanoSIM card, but always check your phone's specifications for SIM card sizes.

Check out our Pay as you go SIM deals to find the perfect SIM to accompany your TCL phone.

Different TCL phones use different chargers, be sure to check your phone's specifications for charger details.

The TCL OneTouch 4041 and TCL 403 require a micro-USB and the TCL OneTouch 4042S requires USB Type-C charger.

Not all TCL mobile phones are 5G ready, you must have a 5G-enabled device on the Vodafone 5G network, a Vodafone 5G plan and 5G coverage in the area that you're in.

Coverage may be affected by a number of factors.

Learn more about our 5G network

Some TCL phones will receive security updates for a minimum of two years.

Depending on the mobile phone model, you can expect one or two software upgrades for a TCL phone.

Terms and conditions

¹Note that not all TCL mobile phones include all three features. Always check the phone's individual specifications.

²Based on results from TCL lab tests. Actual battery life varies by personal usage.