Roam at no extra cost in 83 worldwide destinations on Vodafone Xtra Global Roaming plans.

How does roaming with Vodafone work?

If you're on Pay monthly, we've split the world into Zones A, B, C, D and 'Rest of the World'.

If you're on Pay as you go, we've split the world into Zones A, B, 'Around the World' and 'Rest of the World'.

Roaming in Zone A is included in all plans. Roaming outside of Zone A will depend on where you're travelling to and what plan you're on.

Roaming in Rest of the World destinations

If you purchased your plan on or after 21 February 2024, you'll need to buy a Rest of the World Data Roaming pass.

If you bought your plan before 21 February 2024, you can either purchase a Rest of the World Data Roaming pass or pay for each megabyte of data.

To find out how much it'll cost to roam in a specific destination, use our Charge Checker

5G Roaming at no extra cost

We offer 5G coverage at no extra cost in more locations across Europe than any other UK network. Join us on 5G in 318 places across the UK, and 344 across Europe.

Want to know more about 5G? Visit our 5G hub

Frequently asked questions

Roaming charges will depend on what plan you're on.

If you're not sure, please chat to TOBi about your roaming charges.

Vodafone Spend Manager helps you keep in control of any out-of-plan charges, such as roaming charges and international calls, by setting a limit on how much extra you can spend each month. That means no nasty bill shocks. This will help you manage your roaming, or you can even disable it altogether.

Any spending limits you set will work when you're roaming, however, if you've set your out-of-plan charges spend limit to £0, this means you won't be able to roam. We recommend reviewing your limit before you travel to make sure you get the most out of your phone when travelling abroad by setting your out-of-plan charges limit to £0.

You can add, change or remove your spending limit at any time for free in the My Vodafone app, in My Vodafone account or by calling us on 41156, free from your Vodafone mobile.  Find out more on our dedicated Spend manager page

Move to any of our Unlimited Xtra plans, plus an additional fee, to get the full 83 worldwide inclusive destinations.

European Roaming Passes allow you to use your monthly UK allowance of calls, texts and data in a Zone B destination.

A pass can be purchased at any time. It will remain on your account and will become active when you start roaming.

Your pass will last for either 8 or 15 days, depending on what pass you purchased.

You cannot purchase two passes at once so if your first pass runs out, you will have to purchase an additional pass.

You cannot roll over the Pass if you are roaming for less than 8 days.

Use of our services while in Zone A, Zone B (excluding the UK) and Zone C (for customers using their inclusive roaming that is included in their monthly charge) is intended for temporary, periodic travel such as holidays and short breaks.

We will monitor and check your roaming use. If, during any 4 month period, you roam in Zone A, B or C for 62 days or more AND your corresponding roaming usage exceeds your usage within the UK, you may incur additional roaming charges. We will send you notification two weeks prior to charging you any additional roaming charges, to allow you time to adjust your usage accordingly.

These additional roaming charges will be:
£0.033 a minute for calls
£0.01p a SMS
£3.37 a 1GB of data (£0.33 per MB of data)

You will still be able to receive calls and texts from friends and relatives at no extra cost

Read more about our acceptable use policy

If you exceed your UK data allowance when you're abroad, you will be charged as you would be in the UK. The charges will last until your next billing date or until you return to the UK, whichever comes first.

If your UK allowance is greater than 25GB, then a fair usage policy of 25GB applies i.e. once you have exceeded 25GB data use, then you will be charged £3.37 a GB used. The charges will last until your next billing date or until you return to the UK, whichever comes first.

All our pay monthly plans are subject to a 25GB roaming fair use policy. This means that if your UK allowance is greater than 25GB, you can use up to 25GB data a month while roaming.

If your UK data allowance is less than 25GB, you can use your UK data allowance when abroad, but if you exceed it you'll be charged as you would be in the UK.

From 26 July 2019, if you're on a 5G-ready plan and have a 5G device, you can also use 5G in Germany, Italy, Spain and Republic of Ireland where it's available. In addition, you can also benefit from Vodafone Unlimited on 4G in 83 destinations worldwide - the largest roaming footprint of any UK provider.

Germany (177 towns and cities)

  • Aachen

  • Achim

  • Aldenhoven

  • Altenberge

  • Alzey

  • Ammersbek

  • Augsburg

  • Bad Hersfeld

  • Bad Münder am Deister

  • Bad Oeynhausen

  • Bad Wünnenberg

  • Baunatal

  • Bautzen

  • Bergisch Gladbach

  • Berlin

  • Bernau bei Berlin

  • Biederitz

  • Bielefeld

  • Birgland

  • Birkenwerder

  • Bitterfeld-Wolfen

  • Blaustein

  • Bochum

  • Boizenburg/ Elbe

  • Bonn

  • Bottrop

  • Braunschweig

  • Bremen

  • Bremerhaven

  • Brilon

  • Bruchsal

  • Buch

  • Bückeburg

  • Büdelsdorf

  • Celle

  • Chemnitz

  • Cottbus

  • Darmstadt

  • Dortmund

  • Dresden

  • Duisburg

  • Dülmen

  • Düsseldorf

  • Eicklingen

  • Eisenach

  • Erfurt

  • Erlangen

  • Eschborn

  • Essen

  • Frankfurt am Main

  • Freiburg im Breisgau

  • Fuldabrück

  • Fuldatal

  • Gdefr. Geb. (Lkr Roth)

  • Gelsenkirchen

  • Geltendorf

  • Gera

  • Gifhorn

  • Greven

  • Gronau (Westf.)

  • Groß Godems

  • Grünheide (Mark)

  • Güstrow

  • Halle (Saale)

  • Hamburg

  • Hamm

  • Hannover

  • Harbke

  • Haren (Ems)

  • Harsum

  • Hattstedt

  • Heidenau

  • Herne

  • Heroldstatt

  • Hesel

  • Heusweiler

  • Hildesheim

  • Hohenstein-Ernstthal

  • Hoppegarten

  • Hoyerswerda

  • Ingolstadt

  • Jena

  • Kappeln

  • Karlsruhe

  • Kassel

  • Kiel

  • Koblenz

  • Köln

  • Königs Wusterhausen

  • Krefeld

  • Lage

  • Langenhagen

  • Lehrte

  • Leipzig

  • Leuna

  • Leverkusen

  • Linthe

  • Lohmar

  • Lübeck

  • Lüdersdorf

  • Ludwigsfelde

  • Ludwigshafen am Rhein

  • Lünen

  • Magdeburg

  • Mainz

  • Mannheim

  • Mellenthin

  • Meppen

  • Meschede

  • Mindelheim

  • Möhnesee

  • Moritzburg

  • Müncheberg

  • München

  • Münster

  • Neukirchen/Erzgeb.

  • Neuruppin

  • Neuss

  • Nienburg (Weser)

  • Nürnberg

  • Oberhausen

  • Oelde

  • Offenbach am Main

  • Oldenburg (Oldenburg)

  • Olsberg

  • Osnabrück

  • Paderborn

  • Pellingen

  • Petersberg

  • Petershagen/Eggersdorf

  • Pforzheim

  • Potsdam

  • Püttlingen

  • Ratingen

  • Recklinghausen

  • Regensburg

  • Rehfelde

  • Reutlingen

  • Rielasingen-Worblingen

  • Rostock

  • Rothenstein

  • Saarbrücken

  • Salzgitter

  • Sandersdorf-Brehna

  • Schkeuditz

  • Schlettau

  • Schmallenberg

  • Schweich

  • Schwentinental

  • Seehausen a.Staffelsee

  • Seelow

  • Seelze

  • Simmern/Hunsrück

  • Soest

  • Solingen

  • Stadthagen

  • Stollberg/Erzgeb.

  • Stuhr

  • Stuttgart

  • Südheide

  • Torgelow

  • Trierweiler

  • Ulm

  • Unna

  • Wanzleben-Börde

  • Wedemark

  • Weimar

  • Weissach

  • Werne

  • Westhausen

  • Wiesbaden

  • Wilsdruff

  • Wittenburg

  • Wolfsburg

  • Wuppertal

  • Würselen

  • Würzburg

Italy (33 towns and cities)

  • Assago

  • Bollate

  • Bologna

  • Bresso

  • Carugate

  • Cassina de' Pecchi

  • Cinisello Balsamo

  • Cologno Monzese

  • Cusano Milanino

  • Garbagnate Milanese

  • Lainate

  • Legnano

  • Melegnano

  • Milan

  • Naples

  • Novate Milanese

  • Opera

  • Parabiago

  • Pessano con Bornago

  • Pioltello

  • Rho

  • Rome

  • Rozzano

  • San Donato Milanese

  • San Giorgio su Legnano

  • San Giuliano Milanese

  • Sedriano

  • Segrate

  • Senago

  • Sesto San Giovanni

  • Solaro

  • Trezzano sul Naviglio

  • Turin

Spain (21 towns and cities)

  • Alicante

  • Badajoz

  • Barcelona

  • Benidorm

  • Bilbao

  • Gijón

  • La Coruña

  • Logroño

  • Madrid

  • Malaga

  • Murcia

  • Palma de Mallorca

  • Pamplona

  • San Sebastián

  • Santander

  • Seville

  • Valencia

  • Valladolid

  • Vigo

  • Vitoria

  • Zaragoza

Republic of Ireland (8 towns and cities)

  • Cork

  • Drogheda

  • Dublin

  • Dundalk

  • Galway

  • Limerick

  • Swords

  • Waterford

We have 8-day Roaming Extras available for our Europe destinations and Rest of the World destinations, and either 8-day or 15-day Roaming Extras available for our Around the World destinations.

See a full list of our roaming destinations

Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi before purchasing, and note that any Extras will begin from the moment of purchase. If you run out of data, minutes or texts, you can always purchase another Extra.

If you have bought a SIM in the UK with the intention of travelling abroad and roaming, you must first activate the SIM in the UK for you to be allowed to add the roaming Extra on which you intend to apply. Your SIM cannot be activated abroad.

See roaming Extras and charges

Legal terms