Our best SIM only deals
12-month or 30-day contracts and Pay as you go plans

Keep the phone you love and save on your data, calls and texts by choosing the best SIM only deal to suit your needs.

Our SIM only deals offer convenient packages of 4G data, minutes and texts without the need to change your mobile phone. They all come with Vodafone Global Roaming, so you can take your home plan abroad to 110 destinations worldwide. You can also add your choice of Vodafone Pass, letting you use the apps you love without touching your plan's monthly data.

Choose a Pay monthly plan and enjoy flexible upgrades, with the option to get a new phone plan after just three months. Or choose a Pay as you go SIM only deal for even more flexibility.

How long do you want your agreement to be?

  • What is a SIM only deal?

    A SIM only deal gives you an allowance of data, minutes and texts, all on one SIM card. We offer 12-month and 30-day SIM only plans and Pay as you go SIMs

    Just insert the SIM into any Vodafone device, or one that’s not locked to a different network, to get started. If it’s a new SIM card, you can follow our SIM swap instructions for setting up and keeping your current number.

  • Why buy a SIM only plan?

    Choosing a SIM only plan has a number of benefits. It’s perfect if your Pay monthly contract has just ended and you want to reduce your monthly costs while you wait for your ideal next phone.

    Or if you love the phone you’ve already got and see no reason to change it, you can continue to use it and enjoy the flexibility SIM only offers.

    For an even more flexible option, choose a 30-day SIM contract. If you change your mind or want to upgrade to another phone, it’s up to you.

    Opting for a 12-month SIM only contract means you can enjoy even better value 4G data, calls and texts, with cheap SIM only plans starting from under £15 a month. But you won’t be tied down – you can upgrade to a Pay monthly contract with a new device after just 3 months of your SIM only contract.

  • What's the difference between a SIM only contract, a Pay monthly one and Pay as you go?

    The main difference is that when you choose from our wide range of Pay monthly plans, you'll get a brand-new phone or tablet. With SIM only, you bring your own phone and we'll supply you with the SIM card so you can enjoy great-value 4G data, minutes and texts without factoring in the price of a new phone.

    If you're looking for more control over what you spend, then Pay as you go is a great option with no lengthy contracts and nasty surprise bills. Simply top up with credit and you'll only pay for what you use. And, you can get great deals on Pay as you go phones and Big Value Bundles if you'd like more flexibility.

    Our SIM only contracts let you choose either a 12-month or 30-day plan, giving you more flexibility to let you change later on. But as with a Pay monthly contract, you'll need to pass a credit check and sign an agreement with us.

  • Can I get a 4G SIM only plan?

    Yes, all our SIM only plans come with 4G as standard. So as long as your phone is 4G-compatible, you’ll be able to enjoy our unbeatable 4G network. And even if you’ve only got a 3G phone, you can still enjoy the generous data allowances in our 4G plans.

  • What size SIM card do I need?

    Whichever SIM card you need, our Vodafone 3-in-1 Multi SIM will do the job as it includes a Standard SIM, microSIM or nanoSIM – simply pop out the size you need.

    If you’re already a Vodafone customer and want to swap your Pay monthly contract to SIM only at the end of your agreement, you can keep the SIM card you’ve already got – we’ll do the rest at our end.

  • Can I take my SIM only plan abroad?

    Yes, you can. Vodafone Global Roaming comes as standard with all Pay monthly plans. It lets you use your home plan of data, minutes and texts in 110 destinations worldwide.

    In our 48 Roam-free destinations [PDF: 627KB] there’s no additional charge to use your UK allowances.

    In our 104 Roam-further destinations [PDF: 810KB] we charge £6 a day to use your UK allowances (midnight to 11:59pm, local time, in the capital of the country you’re visiting. If you visit more than one Roam-further destination in 24 hours, your ‘day’ will be calculated as 24 hours, starting from midnight in the capital city of the original country.) You’ll only be charged on the days you use your device.

    When you’re travelling in all other countries, standard roaming charges apply.

    For more information, see our Changes to roaming on Pay monthly page