SIM only bundles

Keep the phone you love and save on your calls, texts and data with SIM only.

Choose a Pay monthly bundle and you’ll benefit from two months’ unlimited UK data with Data Test Drive, and Flexible Upgrades, letting you upgrade to a new phone bundle after only three months. Or choose a Pay as you go SIM for extra flexibility.

How long do you want your agreement to be?

How will you use your phone the most?

Get better value with a 12-month SIM only Bundle

Roam more, worry less with Red and Red Value Bundles

With inclusive roaming, you’ll get unlimited minutes, texts and picture messages and up to 4GB of data to use in 40 European destinations [PDF: 620KB]. Plus, you’re opted in to WorldTraveller, so you can use your UK bundle in a further 58 destinations [PDF: 772KB] for just £5 a day.

Flexible upgrades

With a 12-month SIM only bundle you can upgrade to a new phone after only 3 months, with no hidden charges or penalties to pay. Ideal to get great value minutes, texts and data while you wait for the latest phone.

Unlimited UK data for two months

Take your new phone for a spin with Data Test Drive and use as much data as you want for the first two months of your contract. So stream, surf and socialise as much as you like – and see how much data you’ll need each month.

Try us for 30 days

We could tell you we have the best coverage and the fastest 4G. But unlike any other Network, we’d rather just show you. With our Vodafone 30-Day Network Guarantee, you have 30 days to try us, love us or leave us – with no strings attached.