How to upgrade online

When can I upgrade?

We know it’s tempting to upgrade early, especially when a new phone comes out. All our new Pay monthly plans give you the option to Flexi-upgrade - choose the latest new phone from 6 months into your contract.

How do phone upgrades work?

Phone upgrades let you change your handset or even your contract type at the end of your current contract or Pay As You Go plan. Nowadays, you can upgrade whenever you want.

Can I upgrade my phone early?

Absolutely.When you upgrade early, the time left on your old contract is added to your new plan. With our Flexi-upgrade option, you have the choice of upgrading after 6 months of starting a new contract.

So, if you upgrade one month early, and you begin a new 24-month contract, your new contract will last a total of 25 months. Not bad, huh?

Upgrade options

Upgrading your phone is easy. If you’re upgrading an existing contract, you won’t need another credit check.

Upgrade your package

Choose from our latest phones and plans, and enjoy the same great offers as our new customers.

Upgrade your plan

Keep your existing phone and switch to SIM only – you’ll get great-value minutes, texts and data.

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading's a bit different to just buying a new phone. Simply follow these steps to upgrade today:

  • Check if you're eligible to upgrade, or if you can upgrade early
  • If you are, you'll be taken through to the upgrades page
  • Take your pick from our great range of offers

Keep track of your account

  • Manage your account 24 hours a day
  • Check if you can upgrade
  • View and pay your bills
  • Update your details
  • See the minutes, texts and data you've used