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The best phones for festivals

Discover the best phones for getting in the groove

Dance the night away, jump in the mosh pit or chill with friends in the sunshine – with an affordable, damage-proof phone, you can let loose and rock out at the next music festival, worry free.

Which are the best phones for festivals?

Leave your expensive, delicate smartphone at home and pack a phone made for festival fun. We’ve compared the top mobiles for battery life, ruggedness and camera quality to help you find best phone for every music festival.

Alcatel 10.54

Don’t put your precious smartphone through the trials of a music festival – count on the reliably tough Alcatel 10.54 for every outdoor activity. From desert camping to crowd surfing, it’s built to survive dust, rain and knocks. With a long-lasting battery and a great, affordable price, it’s the perfect worry-free phone for all festival lovers.

Nokia 3310

Your festival survival pack isn’t complete without the compact Nokia 3310. It’ll fit safe and snug in your pocket while you move to the beat, and the 2.4-inch screen will help you stay in touch with festival friends – even in bright sunlight. Best of all, the battery gives you 22 hours of talk time, so you won’t have to queue for a charging station.

Doro 5030

Enjoy a hassle-free festival experience with the Doro 5030. Pick one up with any Big Value Bundle or Pay as you go 1 TopUp, and you’ve a perfect backup phone that won’t break the bank – or your heart, if it’s lost or stolen. Stay in touch when the bass drops or in dim campfire light with enhanced sound clarity and adjustable screen settings.

Not found what you’re looking for?

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