Android 12

What is Android 12?

Android 12 is an Android operating system update released in October 2021. The version before was Android 11. It is currently the latest Android version to date.

Which phones feature Android 12?

As Android 12 is the newest version of Google's operating system, all recently released Android smartphones are pre-installed with Android 12. To check, simply open your phone's settings app, then tap 'about phone', and then select 'Android version' and you can view which Android version your device is running.

The following phones were released with Android 12:

When can I get Android 12?

If you have an eligible Android device you should be able to upgrade to Android 12, as many devices that were released with Android 11 can now be updated to the latest operating system. However not all Android smartphones have received the update just yet, you can use this guide to check when your phone will get Android 12.

What are the features of Android 12?

Easier to use:

  • Enjoy the most personalised Android operating system yet with customisable widgets, settings, notifications, and colour palettes

  • Smooth motion and animations let you swipe, tap, and scroll faster than on Android 11

  • New visibility features such as area magnification, bold text, and an extra dim display setting, make it the most accessible Android operating system to date

  • Snap all the content on a page in one single image with scrolling screenshots

  • Access all of your favourite apps on the move with one-handed mode

More time-saving:

  • Play games as they download so you can spend less time waiting and more time climbing the leaderboard

  • Easily transfer your old phone’s data to your new Android device with a cable or shared WiFi connection

Better privacy:

  • See when an app is using your camera or microphone and disable permissions using two new toggles in quick settings

  • Clearly see the data that apps are accessing with the new privacy dashboard

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