Upload speed

What is upload speed?

Upload speed is basically how fast data moves from your computer to another device or the internet. Like download speeds, they’re measured in Mbps

You upload data all the time - even when you’re just browsing a website, as your computer is sending data to other websites.

Broadband providers place a lot of emphasis on download speeds, because most online activities involve downloading content – for example, streaming films or playing online games. However, upload speed is important when you’re making Zoom or Skype calls – lagging, frozen video, and unstable audio at your end are often the result of slow upload speeds.

What’s a good upload speed?

Upload speeds of 3Mbps and above are considered good, and suitable for most households. However, if you and a partner work from home, frequently video call, or stream frequently, you may need a plan with higher upload speeds.

How can I test my broadband upload speed?

You can check your upload speed using our broadband speed test. Your upload speed will be a smaller figure than your download speed because most online activities need more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth – for example, streaming content, browsing or watching YouTube videos.

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