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We’ve got a history of firsts – we made the UK’s first mobile phone call, sent the first text message, and supported the nation’s first holographic 5G call. 

We do it for you – so you can live your life connected – now and tomorrow. 

1985 - The first mobile call

First mobile call

Michael Harrison calls his dad – our first ever chairperson Sir Ernest Harrison – at 12:01am on 1 January 1985. This makes the history books as the UK’s first ever mobile phone call.

1992 - The first text message

First text message

One of our test engineers, Neil Papworth, sends his colleague the UK’s first text message on Christmas Eve – it said, ‘Merry Christmas.’

2001 - The first 3G voice call

First 3G call

The UK’s first 3G voice call is made in the Thames Valley using our network of 30 radio base stations.

And in 2019?

This year, we launched our 5G network, and opened up a faster, freer world.

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