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Data at Vodafone

We work a little bit harder, every day, to bring you the very best in data provision.

We’re building our most reliable network ever, so you can see more, do more and say more, every day. Our network of 3G and 4G is constantly evolving due to our commitment to network improvements, as we look to the future of data for our customers.

5G from Vodafone.

More of what you love, faster and in more places than ever before.

The future of data is 5G, and in early 2018 we won bandwidth which will help with our data expansion plans.

5G will bring faster speeds and increased geographical coverage, making smart homes and seamlessly connected devices simple.

Our plans to create smart homes and cities will build on our passion for creating a consistently excellent network.

4G with Vodafone. Speed matters.

We are proud of our commitment to and delivery of the best voice calls and data speeds.

Industry experts P3 found us to be the best network for voice calls in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester, and the best network in Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester for data.

So you can count on us for crystal-clear voice calls, super-fast connection times and outstanding 4G coverage.

How can I enjoy 4G coverage with Vodafone?

2G and 3G from Vodafone. Where it all started.

We've come a long way since 2G, when you could only share a call or a text.

With the introduction of 3G you could browse the internet and share, learn and explore more.

And our commitment to provide the UK with the best coverage includes reliable 3G for those times and places 4G can't reach.

The Network is always getting better.

We are always improving.

We've invested billions in our fixed home internet and mobile networks to bring you our best ever network.

Secure Net - Connected. Protected.

Hassle-free online mobile security on our reliable, award-winning network*. Start your free 3-month trial today.

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Check your network coverage

Simply enter your location into our Network Status Checker to see the signal strength you can expect in your area. You can also check on planned network maintenance and get live updates.