What’s a flash?

The flash in your mobile phone is an LED flash component that helps you take high-quality photos in places with low light. It is located on the back of a smartphone, usually near the device’s main camera. When taking a photo with your phone in a low-light setting, you can turn the flash on – the flash will then light up the subject of the photo, resulting in a great snap.

LED is the most common type of flash used in smartphones these days and is installed on most devices. Many of the latest devices now come with dual LED lights which emit twice as much light as a single LED flash, meaning they can light subjects more than 1.4 times further away.

Here’s some of the latest smartphones that have flash:

How does flash work with night mode?

Night mode is an automatic setting that lets your device take clear photos in dark or low light conditions. Your phone detects when you are in a low light setting, and then turns on Night Mode which allows your phone’s sensor to let in more light, meaning you can take bright photos in the dark. When you use Night Mode, the flash will be automatically turned off, and if you turn the flash back on, it will switch Night Mode off.

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