What is panoramic mode?

Panoramic mode allows you to take panorama pictures - these are pictures with a very wide format. You may have seen them used for landscape and holiday shots, where the photographer wants to capture a wide vista.

How does panoramic mode work?

Panorama mode works by panning your camera across a scene. Your phone’s camera then stitches together several images to build a panoramic image.

You’ll have to manually pan across the scene you want to shoot, but your phone will provide you with speed and balance guidance to ensure the resulting shot is well-balanced and clear. You’ll be able to watch your panorama shot ‘build’ on your phone as you move.

What is panoramic mode used for?

Panoramic mode is normally used for capturing vistas or sweeping landscape shots. It’s also useful if you’re trying to capture a group photo with lots of people, or taking photos of tall buildings.

Which phones have panoramic mode?

Most newer Android and iPhone models have a panorama mode built into the camera. On Samsung devices it’s called Panorama mode, and on Apple devices it’s called Pano.

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