Voice Search

What does voice search do?

Voice search, also known as voice assistant, is a feature on most modern smartphones that allows you to use a voice command to search the internet, a website, or an app. This makes smartphones much more accessible to people who need to use speech rather than typing buttons to control their device. You can open apps, send messages, schedule appointments and reminders, and order groceries, all without typing.

Examples of voice search include Siri on Apple devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and voice control on Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

On most of the latest voice search systems, you need to either select the voice command icon or call out the name of the virtual assistant, for example, "Hey, Siri" on Apple devices, or "Hey, Google" on Android devices to activate voice search. You can then say a phrase or term and your smartphone will search for information about it.

You will need to check your device has a version of iOS or Android that supports voice assistants.

Here’s some guides on how to use voice search:

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