What is WiFi?

WiFi is a wireless connection that connects a multitude of devices to a broadband network to enable internet access. It connects devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets to the internet without a wired network connection.  

How does WiFi work?

WiFi works via a radio signal being transmitted from your router to your device. You will connect your device to a WiFi network to gain internet access. This network allows multiple devices to access the shared connection. 

WiFi is available both for the home with our Full Fibre Broadband offers and for businesses with our Gigacube, a portable wireless router.

What are the benefits of using WiFi?

  • Inside the home, a WiFi network enables you to easily connect multiple devices to the internet. 

  • Outside of the home, WiFi is accessible in most major businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping centres. 

  • A high-speed connection. 

  • Compatible on all WiFi-enabled devices, wherever you are.

Can I set-up WiFi in my home?

Installation of broadband will be performed by a broadband engineer, which will enable you to have WiFi access.  

Installation time can vary but can take up to four hours when you first set up your broadband with Vodafone. Our engineers will test your service to make sure you’re up and running. Use our postcode checker to discover what speeds you can get in your area. 

Additionally, you may benefit from Mesh WiFi if you notice your WiFi signal is weaker in different parts of your home. Mesh WiFi is also commonly referred to as Whole Home WiFi. 

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