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Smartwatches on Vodafone EVO

Vodafone EVO gives you ultimate flexibility to get the latest smartwatch at the price you choose.

Simply choose a smartwatch, customise your Watch Plan with an upfront cost and contract length to suit you, and then add a Connectivity Plan - this will enable you to share data, minutes and texts from your existing Vodafone Airtime Plan* (you might know this as a Data Plan or SIM Plan) with your smartwatch.

*Connectivity Plans require an existing Vodafone Airtime Plan. Any customers without an existing Airtime Plan will need to purchase one before they can use a smartwatch.

Why buy a smartwatch with Vodafone EVO?

Flexible contract lengths

Spread the cost of your phone interest-free across 3-36 months, so you can choose your monthly price.

Flexible upgrades

Upgrade as soon as 3 months into your plan and choose to trade in to help pay for your current phone faster.

Two-Year Warranty

Get fantastic care for your new device with cover against any manufacturer faults and repairs for two years.

How Vodafone EVO works

Your total monthly cost is split into two Direct Debits. Your Watch Plan covers the cost of the smartwatch itself, and your Connectivity Plan covers the cost of connecting your smartwatch to your existing Vodafone Airtime Plan.

While our Watch Plans last between 3 and 36 months, our Connectivity Plans last either 12 or 24 months.

Latest smartwatches

Choosing the best smartwatch for you

Whether you're looking to track your fitness levels or stay connected on the move, there’s a smartwatch for everyone. Just make sure you check for phone compatibility.

Why choose Vodafone?

Ultimate flexibility

Flexible smartwatch contracts, upfront costs and upgrades on Vodafone EVO

OneNumber Connectivity Plan

Share your data, minutes and texts with your smartwatch to stay connected without your phone or WiFi

Reliable, award-winning network

You can rely on our award-winning network to keep you connected to the things and people that matter

VeryMe Rewards

Enjoy weekly discounts and giveaways built around what you love

Don't have a Vodafone Airtime Plan yet?

Our Connectivity Plans require a Vodafone Airtime Plan to share data, minutes and texts. Without this, your smartwatch won’t be able to connect to our network.

To find an Airtime Plan that suits you, take a look at our Pay monthly phones or SIM only plans.

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Frequently asked questions

Thinking about getting your first smartwatch? Here’s how they work, the benefits, and anything else you might need to know before you get fully connected.

Smartwatches are portable devices which link to your phone and are worn on your wrist. Like your smartphone, they use touchscreens, allow you to make payments and respond to alerts, and they support apps like your phone does.

Some common features of smartwatches include:

  • Receive notifications. Your smartwatch will alert you when you receive calls, texts, app messages and emails

  • Use voice commands to respond to messages

  • Track your health and exercise. Many smartwatches allow you to monitor your heart rate and how many steps you've done

  • Manage media playback. For example, if you're using AirPods, you can control the volume and music using your Apple Watch

  • Track your location using GPS. Smartwatches show you your location, and let you receive locations from family and friends

Yes - all smartwatches connected to a network will let you send and receive text messages.

You just need to make sure your smartwatch and phone are using the same operating system, otherwise the two devices won't support each other.

For example, if you have an Apple iPhone and a Samsung smartwatch (which uses the Android operating system), many features including text messages won't work.

All smartwatches are designed to make and receive calls, providing your watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If your smartwatch has its own SIM card, you will also be able to make and receive calls without connecting to your smartphone.

iPhone is only compatible with Apple Watch - this is because they share the same iOS operating system.

Any smartwatch using the Android operating system will not be compatible with iPhone.

Smartwatches are designed to be water resistant - not waterproof.

You may be okay taking your smartwatch in the shower and wearing it during shallow water swimming, but it's always best to check the IP water resistance rating and the manufacturer ratings of your particular smartwatch before you get it wet.

There are a handful of smartwatches on the market that come with cameras.

However, these are usually very low quality compared to smartphone cameras, and so most of the leading brands that we sell do not include them.

None of the smartwatches that we sell come with cameras.

If you've bought a smartwatch on one of our Vodafone EVO plans, your monthly payment will be split into two parts. You'll have one Direct Debit for your Watch Plan and one for your Connectivity Plan. Add these together and you'll get the total cost of your monthly payment.

Watch Plan covers the cost of your smartwatch as per your Consumer Credit Agreement

Connectivity Plan covers the cost of your smartwatch connectivity (also known as OneNumber)

Find out more information on Watch Plans and credit agreements

In most cases, the Direct Debit payments for your plans will come out on the same date, but you may see one of the payments coming out a few days earlier or later. Please make sure you don't cancel either of these Direct Debit payments, as we'll be unable to collect the payment for either your airtime or your device.

You'll see two references on your bank statement. It will show the following:


If you want to change your Direct Debits so both payments come out on the same date, you can do so by calling 191

How to view both parts of my monthly payment

Download the My Vodafone app and go to the Dashboard.

Choose Your Plans and you'll see a tab for Airtime Plan and a tab for Device Plan.

Choose Airtime Plan to confirm your smartwatch connection to our network. Or find out more about your Connectivity Plan (also known as OneNumber) by visiting the OneNumber portal

Choose Device Plan to view and manage your Watch Plan - you can make additional payments to your Watch Plan at any time.

You can also view your monthly payment online in your My Vodafone account

You can choose to upgrade your smartwatch as soon as 3 months into your Watch Plan.

Simply visit the My Vodafone app and go to your Device Plan to upgrade.

If you don't want to upgrade, you can choose to continue with your current plan.

How do I pay off my smartwatch early?
You can make additional payments to your Watch Plan at any time, by logging into your My Vodafone account online, or by visiting the My Vodafone app and choosing Your Plans > Device Plan.

Choose to pay off some, or all of, your Watch Plan early. Once it's paid off, your monthly payment will be lower, as you'll only need to pay for your Connectivity Plan to keep connected. Or you can choose to leave.

Can I make a one-off payment for my Watch Plan?
You can make a one-off payment for your Watch Plan at any point. This reduces the amount you pay monthly for all following payments - but it won't change the length of the Watch Plan agreement.

What happens once my smartwatch has been paid off?
Once you've paid off your Watch Plan, your monthly payment will be lower, as you'll only need to pay for your Connectivity Plan to keep connected. Or you can choose to leave.

Your Connectivity Plan (also known as OneNumber) connects your smartwatch to our network.

It also lets you share your phone's allowances, number and contacts with your smartwatch.

So you can use data, minutes and texts, even when you're away from your phone or WiFi.

To connect your smartwatch to our network or pair it with your phone, read our step-by-step guide on how to set up your smartwatch

If you're unsure which features you should focus on, we’ve written a handy guide to choosing the right smartwatch

No matter what your interests are, or what you need a smartwatch for, we should be able to point you in the right direction.

We've also got guides on:

Legal terms

Apple Watch Series 9 requires iPhone Xs or later with iOS 17 or later.

¹Wireless service plan required for cellular service. Contact your service provider for more details. Connection may vary based on network availability, participating network providers and eligibility. Additional setup instructions

²The Cycle Tracking app should not be used for birth control or to diagnose a health condition.

³Apple Watch Series 9 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means it may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. Apple Watch Series 9 should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth. Water resistance is not a permanent condition and can diminish over time. More information on Apple Watch water resistance

⁴Apple Watch Series 9 is rated IP6X dust resistant. 

⁵The Blood Oxygen app is for wellness purposes only and not for medical use. 

⁶The ECG app is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later (excluding Apple Watch SE) and can generate an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Intended for use by people 22 years old and over. 

⁷Irregular rhythm notification requires the latest versions of watchOS and iOS. It is not intended for use by people under 22 years old or those who have been previously diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF).  

⁸Available late 2023. Requires Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2.  

⁹The temperature sensing feature is not intended for medical use. 

¹⁰Requires an iPhone and Apple Watch with second-generation Ultra Wideband chip.  

¹¹A subscription is required for Apple Fitness+. 

¹ ECG and BP feature only to be used by 22 years+. For accurate BP readings, monthly calibration required by GP or BP monitor and arm cuff. Requires a Galaxy smartphone running Android 8.0 or above.

² Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant, have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices.

³ Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes. Not intended for use in detection, diagnoses, treatment of any medical condition or disease.

⁴ Compatible Smartphone required.

⁵ For best results in detecting and recording snoring, place your smartphone on a stable surface near your head with the bottom of the smartphone pointed to your head.

⁶ SpO2 is defined as saturation of percutaneous oxygen. Normal levels in humans are measured at approximately 95-100%. Factors like vigorous exercise, the amount of oxygen in the air, your elevation, and various health conditions can all result in lower readings.

⁷ Additional bands sold separately.

⁸ Water resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities.

¹Requires an Android 8.0 or newer phone, a Google Account and Internet access. See for more information. Google, Pixel, G logo, Android and related logos and marks are trademarks of Google LLC. 

²Google apps and services are not available in all countries or languages. Data rates may apply. 

³Connected home control requires compatible smart devices. Google Assistant and some related features are not available in all languages. See for updates to language availability. 

⁴Some features may require a Fitbit account and the mobile app. 

⁵Emergency SOS requires location enabled and 4G LTE service or an Internet connection. Emergency SOS is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors, so they may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas or languages. Auto-dialling the emergency services is not available in all countries. See for more details.