MobiWire phones

Functional and affordable, MobiWire phones are the perfect choice for first-time mobile users, those who just want the essentials, or those looking for a reliable back up phone.

MobiWire phones

Enjoy the latest Android Go operating system, a large 4.95-inch screen and 4G network capability - all on the MobiWire Smart Green.


Smart Green


with a £10 Pay as you go Bundle

MobiWire phone key features

Designed to pair simplicity with robustness, MobiWire phones offer a range of great features.

Value for money

Get a reliable 4G smartphone at an affordable price

Green by design

Made to last - using 50% recycled plastic

Focus on sustainability

Disassemble and replace parts yourself with ease

Value for money

At just £59, the MobiWire Smart Green on Pay as you go is a great option for an affordable smartphone.

With the stripped back Android Go OS you'll get both functionality and speed, plus you won't miss out on any mod cons - with a 4.95-inch touch screen, 2,000 mAh battery, and both front and rear cameras.

Green by design

Ranked the best for eco-rating¹, the MobiWire Smart Green prioritises being eco-friendly.

Made of a whopping 50% recycled plastics, it looks good too - sporting a black case with white sparkles.

Focus on sustainability and durability

The MobiWire Smart Green is made to last.

The IP5x Dust-Proof Certification means it's completely protected from dust, which reduces risk of performance degradation. It’s durable too, able to survive falls up to 1 metre onto concrete flooring.

The MobiWire Smart Green is sustainable too. Since it’s designed to be easily taken apart you don't need an expert to replace pieces, so you can enjoy your phone for longer.

Frequently asked questions

MobiWire phones are made by MobiWire – a French-Chinese company that specialises in a wide range of cellular and wireless technologies.

MobiWire have a range of devices – some are smartphones, and others are simpler, feature phones.

MobiWire smartphones use the Android 11 Go Edition operating system

Yes – MobiWire smartphones are compatible with the Google Play Store app.

MobiWire phones use nano SIMs.

MobiWire smartphones use chargers with a USB Type-B connection port.

No – MobiWire phones are not 5G ready, however many have 4G capacity.

Terms and conditions

¹ MobiWire Smart Green scored the highest eco-rating from a panel of 200 devices